A BROMLEY man who spent two and a half years in his garage creating an enormous ‘portrait of the Earth’ mosaic has put it on eBay for £250,000.

Chris Chamberlain, 49, a computer programmer from Hoblands End, Chislehurst, believes the stained glass mosaic, which is comprised of 300,000 tiny glass pieces, is the first of its kind in the world.

The three metres wide and two metres tall piece, titled 'Jewel of the Universe', was painstakingly interpreted from NASA satellite photos.

It is the first work of art Chamberlain, who has almost no art training, has ever made.

He said: "I can’t paint, I can’t draw but I reckon I can cut glass."

He hopes to use the money to travel to and help fight poverty in Sierra Leone.

He said: "If I get just a fraction of what I’m asking on eBay then I can make a difference to Sierra Leone."

And to assist almost immediately, Mr Chamberlain will donate 10 per cent of any profit from the artwork to the Ivor Leigh Memorial School near Freetown.

The piece has been on public display at the Royal Opera Arcade gallery in London’s Pall Mall and will be on eBay until March 12.

Visit jeweloftheuniverse.net for more information.