BROMLEY police have continued to crackdown on uninsured drivers, seizing 24 uninsured vehicles and making four arrests yesterday.

The police used Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology at stop sites in Anerley Hill, Elmers End, Penge High Street, Cray Avenue, Shortlands and Plaistow Lane.

The arrests were made for drug offences and serious fraud.

Chief Inspector Katrina Smith from Bromley Police said: "We will be continuing to run these operations across Bromley to make our streets safer.

"With every car seized, we are stopping criminals from using the roads.

"We want to stop uninsured drivers from causing harm to law abiding people and pushing up insurance prices for everyone.

"Uninsured drivers are a danger to all road users and we will use every power available to us to stop these people making Bromley's roads dangerous."