A WOMAN, her daughter and their pets fled the scene as flames engulfed a house in Chislehurst this morning.

Twenty fire fighters and four fire engines - from Sidcup, Eltham and Downham - battled the blaze in Elmstead Avenue after fire services were called at 8.24am.

The woman and her daughter - reportedly with their three cats and two dogs - had evacuated the building before fire services arrived.

The roof and first floor of the house were completely destroyed, while the ground floor suffered some damage.

The fire also spread to the neighbouring house, where a small part of the roof was damaged..

No one was hurt in the incident.

Sally Devito, Watch Manager, Sidcup Fire Station, said: "The fire fighters worked extremely hard to stop the fire spreading further.

"The house (next door) was saved through the hard work of the firefighters.

"The people who live there were alerted after their smoke alarm went off."

"It is very fortunate no one was hurt."

David Moore, 66, lives in Elmstead Avenue, and witnessed the fire fighters dealing with the fire.

He said: "When I left the house fire engines were coming up the road.

"It was huge - I couldn't see a lot of fire but there was black smoke was blowing all over the place.

"When the fire fighters started putting the fire out water from the hoses was running right down the house."

The fire has now been put out and a fire investigation team is looking into the cause.

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