NEWS Shopper wants to map fox attacks across the south-east London and north Kent area.

Urban foxes are again in the spotlight following an incident in which a one-month-old baby reportedly had a finger ripped off by one of the animals which got into its Downham home.

While this was a very extreme case, fox attacks are not uncommon – as a quick trawl through News Shopper’s web archive testifies.

In 2006 we reported on another incident in Downham where a 10-year-old girl was bitten on the leg in her bed.

In 2010 a 49-year-old woman was bitten on her hand outside her front door in Catford 

Last year there were several reported incidents including a man ‘mugged by a fox for his garlic bread in Orpington.

A Sidcup woman suffered a similar attack when a fox went after her fruit and veg 

And one particularly 'cocky' fox was mown down by a car in Blackfen shortly after attacking a teenage couple 

We want to build up a map of such incidents so please tell us if you, your pets or your property have ever been attacked by a fox.

Add your comments below or email News Shopper, providing as much information as possible as about the where, the when and what happened.

You can also send in pictures of foxes you’ve spotted where you live – email them or text 80360 starting your message with NEWS SHOPPER.