A PAIR of Orpington twins have enjoyed their 90th birthdays.

Muriel Ives, known as Billie, and Gladys Lightfoot, known as Glads, celebrated the milestone on February 4 with very different activities.

Mrs Ives chose to mark the special occasion by booking a trip on the Orient Express with her daughter, Penny Smith, while Mrs Lightfoot opted for a day at the Crayford dogs in Kent.

They were born in 1923 in Wiltshire Road, Orpington and both worked in Boots in Bromley. The pair now live in Perry Hall Road.

When asked about the reasons behind their longevity, Mrs Smith said: "They are active and young at hearts and vibrant. They are also both quite stubborn.

"It all helps but I think it is probably the nightly scotch which does it."