A LOST puppy was discovered “cowering” on railway tracks as trains raced over her head in a night of “trauma”.

Tigerlily fell onto the line and miraculously survived trains hurtling over her between Grove Park and Hither Green stations following a four-mile journey along the tracks.

Dog walker Bruce Rankin was exercising the 10-month-old Jack Russell-Lazarapsu in Elmstead Woods when she escaped through a hole in the fence at around 3pm on January 14.

Mr Rankin, 47, of Oxford Road, Sidcup, heard her “yelp” as she tumbled and leapt the fence to rescue her.

He searched frantically for two hours and returned later to hunt by torchlight, but with no luck.

The bread delivery man, who walks Tigerlily and mum Tara every day for their housebound owner from Mottingham, continued the search at first light.

He broke into “tears of relief” upon hearing Tigerlily had been found and taken to a Beckenham veterinary centre late that night.

Mr Rankin said: “When we lost her I was in tears and when we got her back I broke down. I was just so relieved to get her back in one piece.

“She got through a gap in the fence. At one point I heard her yelping but I couldn’t locate her.

“It must have been quite a traumatic experience for her, walking along the railway line, having trains going over the top of it.

“She’s virtually unscathed.”

Tigerlily was rescued around seven hours later by a mystery hero who took her to Foxgrove Veterinary Centre, Beckenham.

He posted a picture of her on Facebook — covered in mud but remarkably unscathed — to help trace the owner.

Mr Rankin praised the “clever” Jack Russell for using an instinct for survival during her adventures.

He said: “She’s been quite clever. We don’t exactly know what she put herself through but she seems to have been intelligent enough to keep herself safe walking along the length of the railway line, cowering down between the railway lines to protect herself.”