THE British Heart Foundation (BHF) has revealed nearly a third of workers in the South East feel employers don't care about their health.

It made the announcement as it launched a new Health at Work programme.

In a survey of over 1,200 working adults, the BHF also found that one in five workers fail to take a single lunch break during the working week.

And the onus is on the employer to make a change, with almost two-thirds of workers believing their boss should be taking responsibility for their general health at work.

The results were released in the run up to National Heart Month in February.

The BHF hopes to encourage people to sign up to the Health at Work programme, which aims to increase well being in the workplace.

Bromley is a BHF Heart town and has worked with the BHF in the past to support community health.

The council said: "We already work closely with the British Heart Foundation and we would be interested in any schemes that help promote employee health and well being."

To sign up to the BHF’s Health at Work programme visit