THE number of drug users entering treatment in Bromley has reduced by almost 100 in the last year.

A council report shows the number fell from 651 people in 2010/11 to 555 people in 2011/12.

It is believed this is partly due to the creation of a new combined drug and alcohol service.

The service aims to simplify the pathway towards recovery, ensuring that patients move through to abstinence in a shorter time.

A council spokesperson said: "As a council we have worked hard with our partners to tackle drug abuse, which is so damaging for the individual and our community.

"The reduction in Bromley reflects the success of integrating the drug and alcohol services provided by the Council and Clinical Commissioning Group and we are now focused on continuing to achieve a downward trend."

The decline in numbers is also reflective of national trends.

And while the number of drug users entering treatment has fallen, there has also been an increase in the percentage of patients successfully completing treatment in the same time period.

Non-opiate users had a 49 per cent completion rate, above the national average of 40 per cent, while for opiate users completion remains at seven per cent - similar to the previous year.