THERE was a 13 per cent drop in young people being stopped by the police during a Bromley summer youth project, figures show.

The programme was intended to provide positive activities for young people during the holidays and prevent crime however the cost of which has raised concern with some councillors, including £18,000 spent on bouncy castles.

In total 36 events were organised by Bromley Council over 33 parks, with the most popular day having been in Norman Park when 390 young people attended.

Police figures showed there was a 13 per cent reduction in the number of young people stopped by the police during August 2012 compared to the same month in the previous year.

However there were some concerns over the cost of the project which amounted to almost £85,000.

In a council meeting on November 27 last year Councillor Douglas Auld highlighted a cost per head for the scheme, which was over £13 and concern over the cost of the bouncy castles which cost more than £18,000.

The scheme was pioneered by Councillor Tim Stevens who said: "It was a stunning success, I’m proud of it and know that it was well organised and money well spent.

"We got great feedback from parents, around 6,500 people attending and police said it was one of the quietest summers they’d known. It offered real value for money.

"It's hoped we can do a similar thing in the easter and summer however we would tweak it more for older people because it engaged younger children."