ZEBRA steaks taste great. There, I’ve said it. What’s more, we should all try eating different animals.

Not only do they taste great, but in many cases it’s healthier.

I accept people have a right to know what they’re eating and secretly hiding lumps of horsemeat in something called a beefburger isn’t on.

But, there’s certainly nothing wrong with eating horse per se.

I’ve found the horse I’ve been served in the past hasn’t been great, but this was probably due to the presentation or my skills with a barbecue.

I think many of us are just too squeamish about putting some animals in our mouths.

I realise there is no point trying to convince vegetarians of the sense of this, but I think most normal meateaters could be persuaded to try something a little different and broaden their horizons.

In many cases it is our prejudices which hold us back, so there’s no point trying to be too exotic. Koreans, for example are happy eating dogs and we’ve all heard the stories about takeaways and stray cats, but trying something such as ostrich, bison, boar or alpaca should be fine.

The exclusivity of such meats mean they are currently too expensive for everyday fare, but as they become more popular the price will drop dramatically.

Anyway, have you tried buying a nice cut of beef recently? You’ll need a second mortgage.

Not far from where I live there is a field full of llamas and they seem to be thriving. True, they do look a little out of place in this country at first. But once you get used it, you view them like you would any other animal.

And I bet they taste good too.

What do you think about the horsemeat furore? Have you ever tried eating more exotic animals, and what did they taste like? Add your comments below.