UNPAID carers in Bromley can learn about how to use the law to their advantage.

A range of events is set to demystify complex legal issues for friends and family members who care for a loved one.

There will be a powers of attorney seminar which will tell attendees how to enable someone to deal with your financial and personal affairs.

It will take place at Judge and Priestley Solicitors, in West Street, Bromley, on January 25.

Next month the same legal practice is offering carers the opportunity to have simple wills written or updated free of charge (a donation is recommended).

A legal surgery is also being held on February 20 at Carers Bromley in Tregony Road and will include a free half-hour consultation to discuss issues such as wills and care home fees.

For more information, visit carersbromley.org.uk/news/judge-priestley.html