AN OOH-LA-LA education plan could see a bilingual primary school open in Bromley in 2014.

A group of parents and teachers is working to set up a school offering an English and French education for children in the borough.

If approved by the Government, the state-funded Bromley Bilingual Primary School (BBPS) will open in September 2014 for reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes.

It would be part of the Government’s free schools programme and aimed at French and non-French speakers alike.

Both of Nathan Hardman’s two children are bilingual and he is heading the project because he believes it will help other youngsters.

Mr Hardman said: "I believe learning another language from an early age can really help young children develop their academic and social confidence and give more options for future study, travel and work."

Newstead Wood School for Girls modern languages teacher Hasina Harris, who is developing the education plan for BBPS, said: "There is a huge demand from parents for their children to learn French.

"We are well aware there is a shortage of reception places in Bromley.

"For example, this year all primary schools in the borough received more applications than they had places to offer."

The BBPS team has partnered with the CfBT Education Trust, which is also a partner of the bilingual Judith Kerr Primary School and has a planned opening date of September next year.

It now needs to prove to the Government there is demand for the BBPS in Bromley so wants people to come forward to express their support.

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