THE attitude and arrogance of hoodie-wearing idiots absolutely stinks.

And before anyone starts, I’ve heard all the excuses going. ‘It’s just a fashion statement or a way for youngsters to express themselves’. ‘Old gits are always out to diss the youth of today’. ‘That pensioner had no right to feel afraid, there were only five of them stood in a group’.

Well, this weekend I went to visit a relative in hospital and the behaviour I witnessed by three hoodie-wearing scumbags was disgusting.

Even when politely asked by a nurse to moderate their language, stop being abusive and just to please keep the noise down they vented their spleen with a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse.

Now I realise people who don’t wear hoodies still swear, get carried away and can be noisy, but with hoodie-wearing it’s the attitude they exude.

And there can’t possibly be any excuse, even if it was cold outside — the temperature in the hospital was sweltering as always. Whatever happened to the well-mannered tradition of removing headgear when you move indoors?

And before anyone kicks off, I’ve got a hood on a training top I use for hockey and if there’s an icy wind blowing across the pitch I might actually put it up.

But don’t pretend there’s no difference to the type of people we’re talking about. The fact is, these hoodie-wearers are total scumbags, full stop, and you won’t persuade me otherwise.

And, if you don’t want to be viewed this way and feel offended, the answer’s simple — moderate your behaviour and take the hood down.

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