WEDDING numbers soared in Bromley as couples raced to get hitched on the 12th of the 12th of the 12th.

Wednesday (DEC 12) was the last day the date, month and year matched up for another 88 years.

Eight couples tied the knot at Bromley Civic Centre compared to the usual weekday average of one.

Matilda Smith, 32, married Sam Harris, 36, in the Chairman’s Room of the Old Palace of the Civic Centre, in Stockwell Close, which was built in 1775 for the Bishop of Rochester.

The HR administrator said: "We wanted that date because it’s so unusual and we wanted to be able to tell people about it.

"This is the only date this century we could do it. It just sounds great."
"We thought not many other people would have had the same idea which looking back is a bit egocentric."

Ms Smith, of Halesworth Road, Lewisham, added: "I didn't think I'd feel any different but when I was in the room I thought, ‘I’m going to cry’. Even Sam was emotional."

The couple have been together for five years since meeting on a counselling course in Lewisham College.

They wanted to keep their memorable day local so held the reception in the Dolphin Pub, in Sydenham Road.

Ms Smith said: "We wanted something close to where we live and laid-back.

"We didn't want anything too grand - I wore a sparkly dress but we decided not to go for a tiara or a feather boa."

"It was a wonderful day and everybody at the Civic Centre and the pub were so kind."

A Bromley Council spokesman said: "In Bromley we had eight ceremonies when normally on a Wednesday we’d expect one.

"Our registrars often find the date someone chooses to marry will have special significance.

"It will certainly be an anniversary they won’t forget."