A NEW raft of health proposals for Orpington has been agreed.

Bromley Clinical Commissioning Committee (BCCC) has confirmed they do not believe the Orpington Hospital site is the right place to deliver future services from and instead they should be based at a new Health and Wellbeing Centre.

The decision to agree the changes was made at a public meeting at the Joint Boards of NHS South East London on November 29 although the final vote was cast only by Bromley primary care trust (PCT) members.

However the PCT also chose to delay the final decision over some services delivered from Orpington Hospital until the Secretary of State has responded to the Trust Special Administrator (TSA) Matthew Kershaw's report on South London Healthcare because there is some overlap between the two.

During the meeting the BCCC Chair Dr Andrew Parsons acknowledged public concern over the hospital and said there needed to be effective communications around the case for change.

He said: "We are confident the changes decided today are an opportunity to improve patient care by bringing together those services people need most often and delivering them closer to people's homes as well as having a strong focus in preventing illness and staying healthy."

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