LONDONERS are being urged to water their trees with recycled bath water and cold cups of tea during the drought.

Environmental charity, Trees for Cities, has issued the advice at a time when parts of the country has received a hose pipe ban.

Although the use of hoses is restricted, watering cans, buckets, and saucepans can all be used to get water to your trees.

A minimum of five litres of water a week per tree is a healthy amount to see it through dry periods. Trees which have been planted in the last three to five years are particularly vulnerable as their root systems have had less time to establish and reach out for moisture in the soil.

CEO Trees for Cities, Sharon Johnson, said: "Trees are vital to improving the biodiversity and air quality of our cities whilst providing food and shelter to wildlife.

"During this period of continuing drought, it is essential that we give them the water they rely on in order to carry on clearing our air.

"We are asking londoners to help by watering them, just 5 litres a week is enough to help them through dry periods."

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