AN ADVERT in News Shopper led a student to transform his life by completing an apprenticeship.

Joseph Ovenell, of Maran Way, Abbey Wood, had been made redundant from a medical equipment company and was looking into a career in IT in 2010.

The 20-year-old was saving up for driving lessons and a car but decided to use the cash for an IT course in London.

He said: "I got home one day and saw an advertisement in News Shopper offering an apprenticeship as an IT curriculum support technician at North West Kent College in Dartford.

"I had been looking in the job section a lot because I didn't have a part-time job at the time."

He added: "When I saw the advert I thought it was too good not to go for and saw it as an ideal way of getting experience and still learning. Getting paid at the same time was a bonus."

The two-year apprenticeship involved working at the college Monday to Friday while undertaking an NVQ.

Mr Ovenell fought off nine other candidates for the position and has now received a certificate for completing the course.

The former Hurstmere School pupil says his ICT teacher, Nathan Mansfield, inspired him.

Mr Ovenell said: "When I was at school IT was my favourite lesson.

"Mr Mansfield told me computers were the future and I felt IT offered a secure career.

"I see it as the way forward because everything is computerised these days."

Mr Ovenell says his life has changed since applying for the job.

He said: "Before I was going to work and doing stuff that I wasn't enjoying but now I enjoy what I do. It's great and has opened up a few doors."

For more information about courses on offer at the college, call 0800 0741447.