A strict school allegedly sent home a Year 11 student for wearing patent shoes and having dip-dyed hair - which has been the same for two years.

Casie Ann Port, 15, went in for the first day of term on Thursday morning, but was quickly sent home for her shiny footwear and blonde-tipped hair.

The teen from Eltham is a pupil at Harris Garrard Academy in Thamesmead.

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Stepmother Kelly Richards, 36, blasted the "ridiculous" measures and said: "When I sent her in this morning, Casie looked completely fine.

"I got a call from the school first saying her shoes were the problem, then I got a call from her tutor saying it was her hair too.

"She has smart, shiny shoes and the blonde on the tips of her hair has never been a problem before - she's had it like that for two years.

"But since the school has been renamed again, they've had all this stupid rubbish about shoes and hair.

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"We've never had any uniform issues before, this is the first time ever, and about 15 other students were sent home too.

"They wanted her to come home, change what was wrong and go back, but I'm keeping her off until her new shoes have arrived.

"If she goes back in on Monday and they've got a problem, I'll keep her off again - there's no need for it.

"I've reported them to Ofsted because it's ridiculous, I was fuming when they said they were sending her home but I've got no choice."

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Kelly, a checkout assistant, says she read the school-issued booklet on uniform, and believed Casie's shoes adhered with it.

She added: "It says in the booklet that loafers are acceptable, but it doesn't mention patent leather.

"The poor girl is now losing out on valuable education - I would understand if her hair was purple, but it's not."

She added: "It shouldn't matter what they look like if they turn up and do what they're supposed to do."

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The school has undergone two name changes in the past year - from Business Academy Bexley to Garrard Academy, before its current name.

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Ofsted has rated the academy as “inadequate”, and it was taken over by the Harris Academy in a bid to transform its image.

Harris Garrard Academy has been contacted for comment.