WE ALL love our kids, we want to do the best we can for them and above all want them to live happy, fulfilled lives.

We’re bound to have different views on how to best help them achieve their full potential and, even if we don’t always voice our opinions, we often feel we could do better than others. All of this is natural.

But, while we can agree to disagree on some areas of parenting, I saw two things recently which convinced me the world has gone mad and certain people should be banned altogether from producing offspring and possibly even neutered for the general good of society.

Linda Doran should certainly have been sterilised — four sons in jail, three for murder, and she justifies it by lying for them.

The second story was very different — no brutality, no lying, no death, but you still have to question the parenting values. An upset mum reported her child’s buggy had been stolen, that’s it. But wait for it, the buggy cost a mere £1,200.

Now I know society is brand crazy and we always want to do the best for our children, but this is crazy and serves only to demonstrate all sense of priority has been lost.

How can anyone justify spending more than a grand on a baby buggy? The child isn’t even aware what it’s being pushed around in at that age.

You could buy it a second-hand car for that, or open a savings account for college. Seriously if we want our kids to develop into decent adults we’ve got to set a better example.

Mind you, if I was stark raving mad enough to spend that kind of cash to push my kid around there’s no way I’d have left it unlocked so someone could nick it.