WHEN I give to charity I do so entirely willingly and, I believe, with the very best of intentions.

But I refuse point blank to be forced or bullied into handing over my hard-earned cash.

I have never been, and never will be, the victim of a chugger.

Nor will I be coerced into supporting charity events simply because they’ve been around for years I have, for some time, supported children in Africa and have backed other projects on the continent.

I’m also aware it won’t be well received, but I have to say I’m sick to the back teeth of Comic Relief.

This has nothing to do with the good causes it supports or failing to realise just how great the need is, it’s purely down to fatigue with the event.

I’ve sat in a bath of beans, done a charity radio night and eaten my share of ‘special’ cakes.

I’ve even braved the pain of wearing a nose, but no more.

I shall give to charity when I decide to and certainly don’t need a series of average, over-paid, egotistical celebrities telling me what to do. Perhaps it’s different for kids who are fresh to it, perhaps they’re not so jaded after 25 years of red noses.

In that case, I’ll donate when and where I choose and leave the cakes, noses, beans and silly radio soundbites to them.

Do you also suffer TV charity fundraiser fatigue? Do you enjoy watching celebs climb mountains, ride bikes or swim rivers - or do you switch off at the sight of do-gooding stars? Do you feel under pressure to take part when big charity events come around? Add your comments below.