A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy beat a cat to death at a Thamesmead primary school.

The animal had apparently been struck by a car, before the pupil finished it off in the grounds of Jubilee Primary School, Crowden Way, Crossway, after school last Friday.

Other pupils were allegedly surrounding the cat and shouting excitedly as it was killed.

The school reported the incident to an animal shelter in Lewisham.

A school spokeswoman said: “There was a very serious incident after school last week involving one of our pupils.

“This is an extremely sensitive issue for the family, the children involved and the community.

“The matter is still under investigation by the school.

“The children and parents involved are being kept informed.”

The RSPCA is also investigating but will not be pressing charges.

  • The council is now saying the incident happened outside the school grounds.

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