PEOPLE say the funniest things - and it only takes a quick stroll around the streets of Crayford to overhear some bizarre snippets of conversations.

While Twitter and Facebook appear to have taken over the medium of face-to-face chat, News Shopper reporter Daniel Evans headed out to see if townsfolk were still in favour of a good chinwag.

Here is a selection of quotes picked up while eavesdropping...

Bubble & Squeak Cafe

Two women chatting: "Who did you meet last night?"

"I’ll give you a clue it ends with D", "Gerald?"

"No you idiot Gerald doesn’t have a D in it!"

"Oh yeah"


Woman turns to partner after being cut up by a trolley: "You know what I just realised? I really don’t like people!"

Two lads shopping: "Can I ask you a question?"

"Haven’t given me much choice really have you?"

The Bear & Ragged Staff

Man walks in to the pub sits down with a group of mates and says: "I’ve had the strangest day, and I’m not even drunk yet."


Woman explaining something to her friend: "It’s about 50/50. No wait, not that, it’s the other way round."