A GREENWICH man has finishing rowing the incredible distance of more than three million metres in memory of his late wife.

James Shenton, 37, of Ashburnham Place, started his challenge on December 1 2011.

Since then he has rowed the equivalent of 72 marathons, some 3038040 metres, in over 229 hours on his home rowing machine.

The money, which he estimates to be more than £6,000, is going to Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice and Children of the Arts.

He finally finished his mammoth task on November 30.

Mr Shenton said: “I am so proud to be supporting two charities that are close to my heart.”

The hospice in Bostall Hill, Abbey Wood, cared for Mr Shenton’s wife in the months leading up to her death at the age of just 34.

Mr Shenton said: “My wife spent her final days at the hospice and the staff looked after her at home for months before she went in. They are brilliant people.

“I wanted to donate to Children of the Arts because my wife loved the arts. She used to take our daughters to museums all the time.”

The father of two started rowing on his indoor rowing machine simply as a way to keep fit.

He said: “I needed to be fit to look after my daughters and I needed something I could do at home so rowing seemed like the best idea.”

See Mr Shenton’s blog posts at: 3000000m.blogspot.com.