A CRAYFORD tradesman wants to start a fox hunt after his new van was vandalised three times by the bushy-tailed beasts.

Kevin May, 61, leased his latest model Ford Transit in August but by September 16 warning lights were flashing all over the dashboard, forcing him to take the silver vehicle in for a service at SMC Ford in Crayford.

The heating engineer was told wires on the underside of his van had been chewed by foxes in what is apparently a common problem for transits, costing him the uncommon sum of more than £470 to fix.

The Hurst Road resident said: "Foxes are everywhere, you just can't stop them really.

"I was trying to arrange a hunt in Hurst Road but that wouldn't go down well with the neighbours"

When asked if he was in favour of hunting after being outfoxed by the urban variety of the red vermin, Mr May said: "I definitely am, tally ho!

"Could I see myself on a horse? Yes, as long as it's a small one."

He has since been back to the garage with his van after it was chewed  twice more, with SMC agreeing to pay for the damage the second time but not after the latest foxy attack.

Mr May added: "The receptionist told me 'you are not the first and you won't be the last'.

"Personally I think they have been putting chicken grease on it the way it has happened three times."

He plans to encase the open wiring in chicken wire next time it is fixed.

The van still runs but Mr May claims eager fox teeth have stopped the ABS brakes, cruise control and hill start functions from working.

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