If you went down to the woods in Bexley you’d be in for a surprise if you came across this cheeky morris dancing group. Reporter ALAN WOODS checks them out.

THE Gong Scourers Manic Morris Dancers describe themselves as a dance side with attitude and based on their unique 2013 calendar, few would dispute this.

Stripping off in the middle of a conservation area, 15 members of the Crayford-based group bared all in a bid to raise a staggering £5,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society.

The calendar was masterminded by morris dancer Glenna Demeter of Bexley Village.

The 52-year-old explained: "We’re a club who say we don’t care what we look like but actually some of us do.

"I heard all the excuses - I’m too fat and I’m too old but eventually 15 of us did the shoot, most of our members actually came on board.

"It think it’s been really great for everyone’s self-esteem and people are already asking when the next one being done."

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The 24-member Gong Scourers rehearse at the Crayford Centre twice a fortnight and perform during the summer months at fetes and festivals across the south of England.

Members supply their own clothing - or not in this case - and would normally be seen wearing a bandana, tattered jacket, black trousers and boots.

The inspiration for the fundraising challenge came from the plight of Mrs Demeter’s father, Bert Leeson.

When the Parkinson’s and dementia sufferer was moved into a care home 18 months ago, he was denied funding by the government.

Along with a significant amount of help from the Alzheimer’s Society, Mrs Demeter appealed the decision and the appeal has now been referred to the ombudsman.

Mrs Demeter, a Gong Scourer for 12-years, added: "I couldn’t have even begun how to deal with the medical authorities without the help of the society and I wanted to give something back to them."

Five-hundred calendars have been printed so far and 100 have already sold.

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