“I WAS her first love and I was her last love.”

Those were the words of a boyfriend speaking after his girlfriend’s funeral in Wilmington.

Hannah Coan, aged 18, of Heath Street, died after being struck by a car on September 7 just yards from her house.

Scott Nelson, aged 18, of East Hill, Dartford, told News Shopper: “She was everything to me. She was the most amazing, the most beautiful and caring person I knew.

“She made me happier than I have ever been before in my life.

“She was my best friend and girlfriend and is always going to be in my heart.”

Hannah’s family and friends came together at St Michael and All Angels’ Church in Wilmington for her funeral on October 4.

They wore pink and other bright colours according to Hannah’s own wishes.

Leona Lewis’s Yersterday was played as Hannah’s pink coffin was carried down the aisle. The church filled with the sound of crying.

Paying tribute to Hannah at the service was her 18-year-old friend Amy Mcarthy.

She said: “I’m so lost without you. I’d give everything to have you back here beside me.

“I guess heaven needed another beautiful angel.

“I’ll never forget you my princess. You will be in my heart forever and a day.

“Rest in peace my beauty.”

Sian Howkit, 20, said: “I’m so numb I can’t feel anymore. There will be another angel around the throne tonight."

Hannah was laid to rest wearing her favourite dress that she wore to her 18th birthday, just days before her death.

Giving the service, reverend Richard Arding said: “Hannah was full of life and love and was determined to live life to the full.

“Her memory will live in our hearts.”

Headstone for Hannah

Hannah’s family are raising money for Hannah's headstone.

It costs £3,500 and so far they have raised £2,000.

Her 46-year-old mum, Sharon, said: "I want her to have the best, she deserves the best.

"It’s going to be a long time before I see her again and I want to sit by a nice headstone."

People can donate by joining the Facebook group Headstone for Hannah or by emailing Amanda Churchman at amanda4jane@live.co.uk.