BROMLEY Council has made a bid for £1.68m in funding to improve Beckenham High Street.

Last week, the council's bid was delivered to Transport for London as part of a lengthy application process to improve the public space.

Improvements will include - if the bid is successful - enhanced crossings, widened pavements and new and improved street lighting.

David Wood, Beckenham Civic Society chairman, said: “We do not want to miss out on various issues which are being proposed to improve the high street.

“The proposals that are being put into TfL are at the first proposal stage so we have a long way to go.”

Mr Wood points to the issue of lorries at Beckenham junction, which he hopes will be eradicated if the town wins funding.

“The money must deal with the huge lorries at Beckenham junction. They often block all the traffic and some of those huge lorries charge down the high street if they can get a straight run,” he said.

Parking and loading provision for visitors and businesses would also be improved with Beckenham, according to the council, trying to put “an emphasis on the village identity”.

Councillor for renewal and recreation Peter Morgan said: "This is an exciting time for Beckenham town centre and we have worked hard on this bid.

“Beckenham has a thriving community and if developed, this scheme will support the future economic vibrancy of the centre and enhance its historic heritage.”

The project to revive Beckenham’s town centre will cost a projected total of £2.5m.

Bromley Council will discover if it has been accepted through to the next stage in late November.