IT'S NOT every day the Prime Minister makes a house call.

But though it wasn’t David Cameron who visited Rose Craig in Sidcup recently, the leader of her home country Vanuatu did drop by for a barbecue.

A native of the remote Pacific island nation of just 250,000 people, Rose entertained PM Sato Kilman and Vanuatu’s high commissioner to the UK Roy Mickey Joy at her Wellersley Avenue home on the last Friday of the Olympics.

The pair brought with them four of the country’s five-strong Olympic squad and Mr Kilman pledged his support for a school building project Rose has been leading in Vanuatu.

She is hoping to expand the Tikon Nini Internet and Media School on Ambrym, one of 80 islands in the remote archipelago 1,000 miles north and a three-hour flight from eastern Australia.

Rose is also looking to establish a charity spreading internet access to other schools in the country, which gained independence from France and the UK in 1980.

Anyone interested in donating can contact Rose via