IT seems many people from Greenwich are desperate to get away during the Olympic Games.

Research from Travelex has found that around a third of Brits who have booked holidays have timed them to be away for the Games, particularly those living in London.

Greenwich and Blackheath residents will have the event on their doorstep with Greenwich Park being used for equestrian events.

Derek Small, who owns travel agency Flightcentre Greenwich, said: "A lot of people have come to get away during the jubilee weekend and it’s likely to be the same during the Olympics.

"Suppliers I’ve spoken to are also expecting a surge in business.

"There is one lady who has a lovely property overlooking the park vista and she suffered terribly during the trial games last year when there were 2,500 people. She said the noise was terrible, the press and the media intrusion and the helicopters.

"This year it’s going to be 10 times worse because there will be 25,000 people. She’s booked on to a cruise.

"A lot of elderly people in particular have been coming in and wanting to get away."

Greenwich resident Sev D’Souza, who is part of NOGOE, a community action group opposing the use of Greenwich Park during the Olympics, said: "I know of several people who want to go away during the Games.

"I come across dog walkers in the park and people I asked recently said they are getting out of London.

"People won’t be able to use the park to walk their dogs and many of the areas will be fenced off for months.

"It seems that Greenwich residents are voting with their feet."

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