A FATHER-OF-TWO whose laptop was lost by a loans company fears pictures of his daughter could be in the hands of a paedophile.

Lee Wells, of West Street, Erith, handed in his laptop to Cash Generator, in Erith Riverside Shopping Centre, on December 30 last year as he needed extra money for Christmas presents.

He was given £40 as part of the 'buyback' service, which offers instant cash with the option to buy back the item within 28 days.

But when Mr Wells returned to the store on January 25 he was told his laptop was missing.

Mr Wells told News Shopper: "There were 256 pictures of my four-year-old daughter on there and they are the only ones I have of her.

"I didn't have a lock on it. I'm scared all those pictures could be in the hands of a paedophile. Anyone could have those pictures."

The 38-year-old added: "I'm fuming. I will never go back to that shop again.

"I have had to go to the doctors for anti-depressant tablets because it's really got to me. I can't sleep because I'm constantly worrying."

Mr Wells, who runs Lethal Promotions, also produces music and claims five months worth of samples were lost when the laptop went missing.

Cash Generator has given Mr Wells a replacement laptop and a portable hard drive.

Mr Wells said: "I can't recreate those sounds again, I have to start from scratch.

"It doesn't bring my daughter's pictures back. I can never replace them."

A spokesman for Cash Generator said: "Cash Generator has liaised closely with Mr Lee since this matter came to light and has been resolved to his satisfaction."