SPACECRAFT seen flying above Bromley belong to Reptilian aliens from the Andromeda solar system, according to a spiritual healer.

Recently released Ministry of Defence files reveal a sighting of 20 to 30 red flashing lights in the sky at 2.25am on November 17, 2003.

These lights were seen by three people, a police helicopter and a police officer who concluded the lights were zigzagging across the sky faster than a man-made aircraft.

Stephany Cohen, of Lancaster Close, Bromley, says she has spoken to the Reptilians and they have confirmed they were here sightseeing.

She said: “There were only two spacecraft but they have a lot of lights on them.

“They were going over the English Channel and they linked up with the ley lines and then found themselves over Bromley.

“They do not intend to put humans in danger and they do not come with any evil intent.”

The former policewoman says the Reptilians are half reptile and half alien in appearance.

She added: “Although I was born human, one of my past forms in a previous lifetime was Reptilian.”

The sighting revealed in the MoD documents came three months after Ms Cohen told of close encounters with an alien species called Greys, from the planet Cirus D.

Back then she said: “Sometimes you get raptures like strong orgasms and you don’t know where it comes from.

“It is energies being passed down to their children on Earth.”

London UFO Studies chairman Roy Lake says the 2003 sighting is likely to be genuine because it was confirmed by police officers.

Family portrait:

News Shopper: Stephany Cohen's family pictue

Stephany explains what she sees in the picture:
"Selene, a Grey, is my mother from a life in the 16 century. In the picture she looks like Mother Mary, showing herself in her Human form.

"The purple shades belong to the Cat-People, namely my parents. The blues belong to my Cat-People grandparents. My Nan and Grandfather (Selene's mother and father) are showing themselves in shades of Green.

"My Reptilian parents and grandparents make up the rest of the colours. You can just about see my own face amidst all of them."