HE’S more used to beating up beefcakes like Alex Reid, but a cagefighting clamper has been smacked down by elderly Eltham drivers.

Motorists and businesses are fuming about the behaviour of clampers in a private road off Passey Place who wait in a van and pounce on cars as soon as their drivers leave, before demanding £120 in cash.

Jake ‘Brutal’ Bostwick and colleagues from Erith-based LCS Ltd are accused of scuffling with a 74-year-old cancer patient, grappling with one man on the floor and “setting traps” for people making charity donations and taking their pets to the vet.

Jean Snow, 74, who suffers from a rare form of cancer, was clamped as she sat in the passenger seat of her son’s car.

The pair had bought wood from a DIY shop and Mrs Snow was sitting with it on her lap when Mr Bostwick struck.

She said: “I was screaming at him like a fishwife.

“I managed to push the door open and I told him, ‘You’re the scum of the earth’.”

Mrs Snow said she tried to pull the clamper away but he carried on and she was forced to pay the fine. News Shopper: Drivers say the sign is not noticeable

Disabled great-grandmother Jackie Foran was left in tears when she was clamped by two men while taking her Yorkshire terriers to the vets.

The 73-year-old said she had not noticed a sign high up on the wall warning her of the fine.

She said: “They were so abusive. I went into the vet and I just burst out crying.

“After I’d paid the £120 I didn’t even have enough in my account to pay for the vet’s bill.”

One charity shop even had to help a donor pay off their fine using money from the till. News Shopper: Angela Flanningham has been trying to warn drivers

Vet Gaye Sinclair, who witnessed two men fighting over one incident, has seen Eltham MP Clive Efford about the issue and has put up signs in her waiting room warning people.

And charity shop worker Angela Flanningham has been moving bins into the offending spaces to stop people parking there.

But she said: “Each time they just move them back so there’s space for people to park. It’s a trap.”

Greenwich police say the clampers are not doing anything illegal but are warning drivers to be careful where they park.

News Shopper: Jake 'Brutal' Bostwick has been clamping cars in Eltham ‘I’m not fussed’

Mr Bostwick, whose bouts have included taking on fighters like Katie Price’s estranged husband Alex Reid and John ‘The White Mike Tyson’ Phillips, was unapologetic and claims he has been assaulted by Mrs Snow and others.

The Kidbrooke mixed martial arts fighter said: “If people want to put it in the papers I’m not fussed, you know.”

He said: “At the end of the day this is a private road. This is my business.

“You’ve got a sign to warn you.”

The 21-year-old, from Kidbrooke, added: “I’ve only been aggressive when someone’s been aggressive to me.

“It’s a risky job, don’t get me wrong, but what do you do?

“It can pay well.”