A MILLWALL supporter claims neither side was completely blameless in the violence at last night’s match with QPR.

Eleven people were held by police after trouble flared before and after the Championship match at Loftus Road.

But Graeme Smale, a board member of the Supporters’ Club and a fan since 1965, said the atmosphere was nothing different to a typical London derby.

He said: “In all this no one side is totally blameless.

“It was a London derby. Millwall are always quite vociferous and other people will react to them.

“QPR started pointing and gesturing at them like they do. If they don’t want any aggravation then they don’t respond.

“There were some aggressive QPR people who wanted to get at Millwall people and that pulled some of these idiots towards them.”

Mr Smale said trouble may have been caused when Lions supporters were let out at the same time as home fans.

He said: “After the game we were held in for a few seconds, then we were allowed out with the QPR lot.

“I believe some of the people who left before me had some sort of dust up with their fans.”

But he denied seeing Millwall fans trying to get into the home end containing women and children, as has been reported.

And he insisted forthcoming games with sides like Crystal Palace would not inevitably lead to violence.

He said: “If the police are doing what they should be doing there won’t be any problem with Millwall this season.”