A PARK protection group has called on the public to keep a look-out after the mysterious appearance of three bird boxes.

Friends of Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks are concerned criminals may be targeting ring-necked parakeets and birds of prey after the boxes appeared in the park in Thorntree Road, Charlton, two weeks ago.

Members are worried they may have been put up by poachers hoping to steal young birds and sell them on as pets.

Group members spoke to Greenwich Council which immediately removed the boxes.

Chairman of the group Tim Anderson said: "We are pretty dismayed at what has happened and hopefully now residents will stay vigilant and keep a look-out for any suspicious behaviour in their local parks.

"One of our members noticed these birdboxes high up in the trees. The council asked us if we knew anything about them - but we had no idea.

"The council's technical officer for parks and open spaces seemed concerned that they had been put up people hoping to steal the birds."

He added: "The park has got a huge range of bird life. On the right day you can hear an amazing dawn chorus and it's important that we protect that."

For more information on Maryon Wilson Park, visit friendsofmaryonparks.org, and for more environmental news in your area, visit greenguardian.co.uk

As well as numerous bats, Maryon Wilson Park is thought to be home to around 40 different species of bird.

These include:

- Ring-necked parakeets

- Kestrels

- Tawny owls

- Green woodpeckers

- Nuthatches

- Treecreepers

- Marsh Tits

- Great-spotted woodpeckers