CLUB 18-30 has seen bookings rise by 20 per cent, since ITV documentary Club Reps was aired with the revealing exploits of two Dartford girls.

Rachael Williams, 21, of Greenhithe, and Vanessa Assemallis, 19, of Chatham, whose holiday exploits shocked audiences nation-wide, have proved a real crowd-puller for the holiday agents.

The first episode of Club Reps, which was broadcast at 10.30pm, had 6.5m viewers tune in.

Thomas Cook, which sells Club 18-30's holidays, has seen record sales for the time of year. Falaraki, Rhodes, where the documentary was made, is fully booked for the summer.

Gravesend Thomas Cook customer service manager Tania Holt said: "We have seen an increase in bookings and inquiries. The Club 18-30 brand is very popular in Gravesend.

"Club Reps has brought more awareness to the Club 18-30 product and Falaraki is now fully booked."

Holiday makers Miss Assemallis and Miss Williams, become strippers in the show and reveal sleeping with 21 different men between them, during their three-month stay in Falaraki.

Spokesman for Club Reps Fiona Williams said: "Viewers have witnessed holiday makers such as Rachael and Vanessa enjoying themselves and want to join in the fun."

Miss Williams, who now works as a retail manager at Bluewater, said: "I had an excellent time in Falaraki and it really boosted my confidence. I am booked to go back next August and it depends on if I am still with my boyfriend as to whether I go back to stripping."

Aimee Woodman, 21, of Halfway Street, Sidcup said: "I booked a holiday with Club 18-30's last week, but Club Reps didn't really influence my decision.

"A friend went last year and said it was a really good laugh."