CONCERN is mounting over the bowel movements of Greenwich's canine population.

Figures show the borough's 30,000 dogs are dumping 1,500 tonnes of poo a year, and much of it is not being cleared up

It is not the dogs which are causing the problem, according to Greenwich Council, but the owners who neglect to clear up after them.

It believe the uncollected mess is ruining green areas for walkers and blighting the pavements of Greenwich.

And it has reminded dog owners of the potential dangers their dog's actions pose to others.

Officers at the council's Parks and Open Spaces department are worried owners are forgetting the unpleasant deposits often carry the deadly E-coli bacteria and also toxicarra canis, which can cause blindness in children.

A council spokesman said: “Sadly, despite the large number of responsible dog walkers, a large amount of faeces are left where they are deposited in our open spaces, streets and elsewhere.

“Greenwich's parks are provided for people to enjoy.

“Stepping in a pile of poo spoils an outing, and in extreme cases could lead to blindness, or even death.”

As part of their bid to stop the problem the council are offering free pooper-scoopers to owners, which are available from Woolwich Town Hall and all libraries.

Once binned, the bagged-up faeces are collected and incinerated as clinical waste.