Let’s talk about internet dating. What messages do you reply to? Which do you ignore? How important in grammar when it comes to finding your future spouse?

Dating app TrueView has revealed singles are 68 per cent more likely to bag a date if they use full sentences.

Remember the days of MSN, when your crush would use words like ‘M8’ and ‘luv u’? Unfortunately what worked when we were 13 years old isn’t going to work now.

TrueView also reckons after its research that you are 45 per cent more likely to get a response on a dating app by sending a personal message and 66 per cent more likely if your message is polite and you cut out the expletives.

Guys, if a girl is swearing all over her messages to you are you still going to answer?

Girls, if he is answering with one word replies, is he really going to be your one true love?

Let’s go through some more dos and don’t of finding a date on a dating app:


Say hello and ask a question. Hey! How are you? How was your Sunday?

Compliment them. Clean compliments please.

Don’t be overly friendly. You are strangers. Technology does not change this.

Find common ground and interests. Not internet dating.

Tell them what you’re looking for. Honesty is the best policy.

Use your common sense, it’s definitely there!


Don’t just send ‘Hey’ and expect a reply. What is this doing for anyone?

Your first message to someone new should not be 'When you coming round?'

Let’s not tell them about our ex in the first message.

Babe, sexy, girl, mate, cutie - Leave these well alone.

If your dad would utter the stupid pick-up line - why would you?

Don’t talk about your 'future' together.

If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it online.

Let us know your biggest turn-offs are when it comes to internet dating. Would you date someone who doesn't text in full sentences?