They don't even know his name but hundreds of people have taken to Facebook to praise a street cleaner in Beckenham.

A picture of the man, thought to be called Mike, was posted on the Facebook page of Beckenham Appreciation Group by organiser Jackie Andrews, who said: “Our wonderful street cleaner, who works so hard to keep the High Street clean.”

The post got 261 likes and 50 comments praising the man’s hard work.

Local resident Janet Oliver said: “Lovely guy, always says good morning.”

Karen Martindale said: “Lovely guy helped look for our two-year old's missing bunny which was dropped on high street.”

Donna Pleant said: “Always stops to say good morning and always has a smile on his face. Lovely guy.”

Pat Markey said: “Lovely man takes pride in his work.”

Ms Andrews added: “So many people have gone on and said how wonderful he is.

“I thought it was absolutely amazing. On the site I run you get a lot of negative comments, but everyone was so positive and they really seem to love him.”

Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, who is responsible for the environment in Beckenham, said: “Our street cleaning teams regularly clean all our roads in the borough and it's always appreciated when residents take the time to acknowledge the great work our teams complete every day.

“So often their work goes unnoticed. It's such a great compliment to Mike especially, that his efforts in Beckenham high street are recognised and appreciated by so many. Well done and keep up the good work!”