Pupils will suffer because of a school governors recruitment crisis in Kent, according to a national education charity.

According to figures from Kent County Council, there are 145 vacancies in north Kent, with nearly 600 vacancies in the county for governors.

The SGOSS Governors for School, a education charity, is campaigning for more people to take on roles to help deliver better education to pupils.

Chief executive Louise Cooper said: "While many of the headlines at the moment are around teacher shortages, the problem in recruiting governors is just as acute.

"Governors are critical in ensuring that schools are being managed efficiently and effectively so that they can deliver excellent education.”

SGOSS claims there are not enough volunteers - with only 45 signed up for 593 vacancies.

Mrs Cooper said: "There is a great need for skilled and committed people to come forward and share their expertise with schools to help achieve the best possible educational outcomes for children - maximising the value for every pound spent."

Governors are responsible for finances in schools and appoint head teachers.

For more information on becoming a governor call 0207 354 9805.