A plan setting out the future for Bexley including thousands of new homes and town centre improvements is set to get the green light.

Bexley’s plan to ‘shape the future’ by 2025 includes new neighbourhoods and town centres bringing thousands of jobs in time for Crossrail.

There are specific areas earmarked for intense redevelopment, including: Belvedere, Erith, Thamesmead, Sidcup, Bexleyheath, Crayford, Welling, and Slade Green.

Slade Green residents started an action group petitioning against an ambitious long term development plans in the area that were published earlier this year.

In this new report going to Bexley Council, the vision for Slade Green includes: “A high quality, neighbourhood with a new local town centre set around a new Crossrail station and access to outstanding recreational spaces, delivering 340 new homes and a range of new, higher quality local jobs.”

Another goal set out in the report is to extend Crossrail from Abbey Wood to Belvedere, Erith, Slade Green, and towards Ebbsfleet.

A spokesman for Bexley Council said: “We currently estimate that we can deliver up to 31,500 new homes and 17,500 net new jobs across the borough by 2050.

The report states: “We recognise the vital importance of social infrastructure such as schools, police, GPs, dentists, utilities, community centres, and libraries as the glue that holds communities together. We recognise the need for the borough to be sympathetic to the needs of an ageing population.”

According to the report, up to 8,700 homes will be built by in the next eight years.

In Belvedere, there will be 1,300 homes built by 2025, and a new shopping area.

Erith will have at least 3,600 new homes built and Crayford will have a “redefined” town centre, opening up the north to 450 new homes.

For Sidcup, the report states the area will be: “The focus for high quality leisure and cultural activities, supported by a vibrant high street and boutique hotels.”

The report states: “The Crossrail to Ebbsfleet extension unlocks the Thames Estuary Production Corridor and incentivises investment in some of the areas with the greatest potential for industrial regeneration.

“River crossings open up new opportunities in East London for Bexley’s residents and businesses. A step change in digital connectivity helps us become a ‘gigabit’ borough.”

By 2025, the council aims to generate 90 per cent of its budget from local sources.

Speaking about the Bexley Growth Strategy consultation, a spokesman for the council said: "The Council had a good response to the consultation with nearly 500 representations received.

"Officers are currently analysing these with a view to presenting a revised strategy within the next few months."

The #BrilliantBexley Corporate Plan will go to Cabinet next Thursday and it is recommended to be approved in principle.