Bromley police officers came up against a scary but unusual threat in the form of a 91-year-old woman armed with a meat cleaver and cosh.

They were called to London Lane, Sundridge Park, last Saturday (September 30) for a welfare check on the elderly woman.

She had reportedly been behaving strangely and a doctor was on the scene to assess her mental health, but she was refusing to open her door.

When police turned up the worked-up woman opened the door brandishing a meat cleaver and a cosh.

She threatened to bash the officers on the head with the weapons.

The police asked the woman to pass over the club and the cleaver, which she luckily did without any complaints.

The officers stayed on the scene to help calm the woman down and within a few minutes she was laughing and joking with them.

After making sure the woman was ok, the officers left her with the doctor.

The woman will receive ongoing care.