When kids from an Anerley school released hundreds of messages on balloons into the sky they weren’t sure if anyone would reply.

But the kind actions of a man from Kent surprised both staff and students.

Children from James Dixon Primary School in Booth Road launched the 450 balloons on Friday September 15.

Each year students write their hopes and aspirations on one of the notes.

Reece Statham-Hall, 7, decided to make a cheeky request.

He wrote ‘I wish for a happy teacher and £5’ on his card.

He didn’t know that his wish would be granted.

The balloon was discovered two days later in a field by a man called David Frost. It had travelled all the way to Adisham in Kent.

Mr Frost returned the card along with £5 and a message of his own. It read: ‘Sometimes wishes do come true! Enjoy.’

Deputy headteacher Kevin Minnott said: “The children were amazed. We all were. Everybody smiled and thought there are still really good people in this world.

“We have decided to make a thank you card to send to Mr Frost from the whole school.

“It reconfirms your belief in human nature, it really does.

“Maybe Mr frost felt that he could make part of a little child’s dream come true.

“As a school, we could satisfy the first request and Mr frost thought he could provide the five pounds.”

The school has used the money sent by Mr Frost to buy a book for Reece’s class.

Staff decided not to give the money to Reece because they thought other children at the school might have the same idea.