An Indian restaurant with a "very dirty" kitchen defrosted chicken at room temperature in stagnant water, according to a report.

Jafna Jafna in Tillingbourne Green, St Mary Cray, was inspected by Bromley Council’s food safety team on December 16 last year.

Inspectors rate establishments out of five options, from zero - meaning 'urgent improvement necessary' - to five, meaning 'very good'.

Jafna Jafna was given a zero in the inspection.

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The inspector said: “At the time of my visit, chicken was being defrosted at room temperature in stagnant water.

“Food should be thawed in such a way as to minimise the growth of food poisoning bacteria or their toxins. For example, by refrigeration.

“Thawing fluid from raw meat is highly contaminated and should be carefully collected and disposed of, so as to prevent cross-contamination.”

The report, seen by News Shopper, also said the kitchen in the restaurant needed cleaning.

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The inspector said: “The entire kitchen and surrounding areas were very dirty. Carry out a deep clean of the kitchen and surrounding areas.

“This must include: walls, floor, ceilings, surfaces, equipment (including all fridges and freezers), utensils and food containers.”

The report also said staff did not wash their hands and rice was left to cool down at room temperature for more than two hours.

Even though Jafna Jafna has a poor hygiene rating, it is popular with food fans.

On takeaway website Just Eat, the restaurant has a score of 5.4 out of six from 238 reviews.

A user called Shamil said: “Nice food, Always deliver what I expect from them. Highly recommend !!! Keep it up the good work folks.”

Sam said: “Very polite delivery, always on time. Food is hot and very nice.”

Some reviewers were less sure.

Demi said: “Food was cold! Naan bread was under cooked and still gooey in the middle and can of Coca Cola was frozen solid.”

Councillor Kate Lymer, executive councillor for public protection and safety, said: “Food safety is highly important and these scores are very useful indicators for all concerned and readers may be interested to know that when a food business receives a low score, we follow up with these businesses and work with them to help them improve their hygiene and related standards.

“If businesses don’t take this seriously or don’t improve, then we will start enforcement action, with food safety notices being served and as a last resort, we will prosecute.”

Staff from Jafna Jafna were unavailable for comment.