Missiles, jets, and high-tech weaponry strutted down the catwalk in Woolwich to demonstrate their wares to a captive audience.

The impromptu, unusual parade of fashionable military weaponry fancy dress was part of a demonstration against an arms fair in London this week.

DSEI, the word's biggest arm's fair, started yesterday (September 12) and will continue until Friday at the ExCel centre.

Protestors have gathered opposed to the event, and this theatre group decided their best way to satorise the event was to hold an arms fashion parade.

Arming The World is a 30-minute pop-up performance as the Eurofighter Typhoon, Paveway Bomb, and a cainster of Tear Gas strut their stuff for the audience.

Meanwhile the ‘British Arms Trade Outreach Team’ gives the great British public the lowdown on their awesome destructive power and who we are punting them to.

Performing outside the Dial Arch Square in Woolwich, the troupe performed three times throughout the day for enthralled and perplexed onlookers.