This is Marcel and he has a very important job helping Alzheimer patients in Lewisham.

Marcel 'Le Corgi' visited staff and patients at University Hospital Lewisham on September 11 to give them some more company.

The four year old Pembroke Welsh corgi, a social media star with 60k followers on instagram, is also a therapy dog with the organisation Therapaws.

His visit was organised by Ginnie Adamson, Dementia Specialist Nurse at the Trust, as part of its commitment to patient experience and to mark World Alzheimer’s month which takes place each September.

Ginnie said: “I have worked in mental health for many years and the benefits of taking animals into the care setting to engage with older people are well recognised.

"This could be hospitals, care homes, day centres or hospices. For those who are receiving palliative care being able to say goodbye to a much loved pet can be very important.

“Animals are known to have a very positive effect on people and can bring real health benefits. For those in hospital they have been seen to lower blood pressure and stress in patients and can unlock memories and emotions in those with dementia so this can give people a much needed connection with their past.

“Everyone, both staff and patients alike, were so happy to see Marcel and he loves the fuss and attention he gets. You can’t fail to be in a good mood and feel happy when Marcel is around.”