A stunning sunset photo has been chosen as the winner in News Shopper Camera Club’s first competition.

We asked members of the group on Facebook to submit entries on the theme of ‘best view’, showing their favourite sight anywhere in south-east London and north Kent.

There were dozens of great photos shared and it was incredibly hard to choose one person to win the £50 prize and have their picture take pride of place as the new header image on our social media pages.

After deliberation, we chose Neal Puttock’s entry showing Five Arches at Footscray Meadows as the winning photo, our favourite that just stood out from the crowd.

News Shopper:

Captioning his photo, Neal said: “I live close, so I'm here pretty much every day walking my dogs, and love the sunsets and sunrises all year round here.”

Browse through the gallery above to see some of the other great photos from the competition that show off some of the very best views of the area.

News Shopper:

Our camera club - which you can request to join here - is a group for people looking to get their photos published online and in print.

The club invites people to share their best photos, as well as talk to fellow photographers, join in projects and enter competitions such as this one.

We're currently running a 'photo of the month' contest for September while also seeking photos on the theme of public transport and tips for taking the best autumn pictures.