Plans for a new marketplace in Woolwich made out of old shipping containers has been submitted to Greenwich Council.

Carl Turner Architects plan to use repurposed shipping containers into the two-storey market hall off Creton Street, between the Lidl and Iceland supermarkets.

Currently occupied by a private car park, the plans include space for nine restaurants, three bars, and other spaces for offices and services.

The Wool Yard Marketplace would only be temporary, intended to run for no more than six years.

The area is around 750 sqm, roughly the size as three tennis courts, and the developers say they believe the marketplace will become the focal point for social gatherings.

The plans say the space “space allows various activities to be organised for local residents and businesses, turning the car park into a vibrant new environment to be utilised by artists, makers, designers and entrepreneurs.”

A large amount of development aimed at improving the arts and tourism are already set for Woolwich, including a £31m entertainment district at the historic Woolwich Arsenal.

The neighbour consultation time starts on August 29 and the standard consultation expiry date will be on August 29.