Unemployed people who have been out of work for more than a year can sign up now for a six-month paid work experience scheme with Greenwich Council.

The council have said the scheme could have the people who sign up will be in work by September.

The Greenwich Local Labour Programme as in just over four years supported more than 400 residents, helping tackling poverty and putting people in jobs.

Councillor Sizwe James, cabinet member for transport, economy and smart cities, said: “Helping our residents who have been out of work for some time to get their first foot on the employment ladder is the most important step to getting them set for sustainable employment.

“The barriers that people can face to get back into work cannot be overemphasised, which is why we have put such intensive support in place to help them all that we can.

“The scheme has already delivered long-lasting results for many who have already taken part in it, with a huge number going on to find a job, which is fantastic.”

Residents interested in the scheme should contact GLLaB at royalgreenwich.gov.uk/gllab by August 31 to register for an eligibility check as the next round of placements start in September.