A clever new device could prevent cars breaking down, according to the AA.

The motoring organisation claims the Car Genie can also fulfil car owners’ two other top wishes to get help after an accident and always be able to find their vehicle.

The small device, which can be self-fitted into a car’s diagnostic socket below the steering wheel, presents real-time information via a smartphone app.

Car Genie “monitors car health” such as battery and fuel usage, electrics and ignition, then sends a push notification via a driver’s Android or Apple phone to alert them to potential problems.

News Shopper: The AA says the Car Genie device can help prevent cars breaking down

It uses the car’s GPS system to help drivers to find lost or stolen vehicles, while in the In the event of a collision the technology detects impact and triggers a call from the AA to offer help.

Alan Ferguson, head of AA connected car technology, said: “Around a third of breakdowns we go to could have been stopped if the problem was spotted earlier – equating to a million breakdowns every year.

“Anything can happen and not everyone can know the warning signs, so we’ve developed Car Genie to give our members the assurance that the AA is with them wherever they go.

“This clever device helps members to proactively avoid a breakdown by alerting them to problems which would otherwise show up too late. It can also help avoid possibly costly repairs and the hassle of being without a car.”

Available exclusively to AA members, Car Genie costs £29 a year.