People hoping to attend Biggin Hill’s Festival of Flight have spoken out about "frustration" and confusion over ticket prices.

The festival is set to take to the skies on August 19 and 20, and Christine Newman was preparing to take family from Australia.

Performances from the Red Arrows would be one of the highlights of the airshow at the airport.

Christine, from Tatsfield, needed to book nine adult tickets but was “dismayed” to find out the date for discounted ticket prices, advertised on the unaffiliated British Airshow’s website, was incorrect.

She said: “We checked on the website and British Airshow website stated that the discounted price of £22 would be available until August 11.

“We tried to book these on Monday, August 7 only for all links go directly to the Biggin Hill Airshow website showing them at full cost of £28 per adult.

“As we need to book nine adults you can imagine our dismay to see this change of advertisement.”

The British Airshow website had tickets advertised as being at a discounted rate until August 11, when Biggin Hill Airport publicised August 7 as the day ticket prices would increase.

A spokesman for Biggin Hill Airport said it had asked for the correct information to be advertised.

The spokesman said: “The British Airshow website which is not connected to the Festival of Flight did have August 11 as the date that ticket prices would increase.

“This was brought to our attention on Monday, and we asked them to advertise the correct information, which has been publicised on our website as being August 7.

“The tickets have been on sale for a number of months and considerable social media posts within the last two weeks stated the price increase date as August 7.

“May I suggest that the family consider taking advantage of our pedestrian tickets option.

“These are still available from either The Spitfire or Lookout Cafes and then make use of the free bus service from Sunningvale Avenue to the show.”

Christine, 58, said they will still be attending the airshow, but remained dissatisfied.

She said: “Pedestrian tickets are available from the cafes but we couldn't find any mention of this option anywhere on their website either.

“It’s not mentioned on our village website, the actual show is, but no mention of the ability to purchase reduced priced tickets and the availability of free transport to the event.

“I think my frustration is the lack of information from the actual official site.

“It appeared that there was more comments via social media but again you have to think about their authenticity and correctness as depicted on the British Airshow official website which was incorrect with their information.”

Tickets for local residents are £16 each and include two under-16s and free transport.